Contemporary Trends: Diamond Rings For Males

Posted by Lisa A Mason

While rings and other kinds of fancy jewellery have typically been connected with females, wedding and engagement pieces like diamond rings for males have grown to be more and more common recently. Nowadays, both women and men already sport a number of designs, from traditional round cuts to personalized princess cuts. The double wedding band set, particularly, has become considered commonplace in modern-day wedding rituals.

It had been throughout the late 1800s when wedding rings grew to become a well known trend in marriage rituals. Before that, it had been only ladies who used bands as well as then, diamond rings for brides were quite rare. Most grooms during individuals occasions didn’t put on any wedding rings. Jewellery manufacturers and sellers searched for to enter the forex market by selling the thought of double wedding band sets. However, the normal package for males incorporated only plain gold bands. It had been within the mid-twentieth century when diamond rings for males joined the limelight. The jewellery industry at that time all collected underneath the clever and classic marketing slogan, “Diamonds are forever.” It had been that easy yet clever phrase, created by a few anonymous marketing executive from the popular jewellery corporation, De Beers, which drove the diamond industry to new heights. The brand new-found recognition from the lab grown diamonds Sydney would eventually achieve the marriage jewellery niche and shortly, couples arrived droves, having to pay a nice income for quality diamond rings for the groom and also the bride.

Diamond rings for males are actually preferred when selecting for any double ring wedding set. As with women, the diamond rings for males are available in various styles and cuts. Guys may also choose the kind of metal for use for that band itself. Presently, the very best choices include white-colored, yellow and red gold. However, there are other and much more couples now selecting non conventional options like tungsten and palladium. Area of the benefit of these unconventional metals is based on their natural durability. They are thought to be more powerful and much more valuable than gold.

Round diamond cuts continue to be very popular in double wedding band sets. A similarly in-demand alternative comes by means of princess cuts. Guys can decide on a number of shapes. Some companies leave the middle stone from the ring united nations-mounted. This enables for purchasers to personalize their jewellery and select the jewel they prefer. Some jewelers may even assist customers in designing their particular ring. While customized diamond rings may have a greater cost tag, customers may also be assured of the unique and personalized bit of jewellery.

One will discover rings that cost from the couple of hundred dollars to many 1000 dollars. The cut, the carat, the metal and the amount of gems all modify the costs. Many double wedding band packages likewise incorporate the diamond engagement rings. Many experts will recommend carrying out a general guideline in which the complete cost will come under a six month’s salary. Obviously, diamond rings are not only seen restricted to weddings and engagements. Some couples now exchange promise rings at the beginning of a budding relationship while lengthy-term spouses exchange eternity rings throughout a milestone anniversary. For such occasions, jewelers may also craft specifically designed mens diamond rings.

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