Photographing Qualities For Purchase – Photo Editing

Posted by Lisa A Mason

Within my first article within this series, Photographing Qualities for Purchase, I discussed what we should photograph if we are getting ready to list a property for purchase. Within this second article, I’ll discuss the process we follow to help make the photographs look their finest. Whenever we return from shooting the pictures of the property that we’re going to list around the Mls, we first download the pictures from your camera to some folder on the computer. Then we open our photo-editing software, and import individuals photographs into the program. (To locate a photo-editing program, visit Google, and kind in “photo editing software”. Google offers an excellent free program known as Picasa.)

Inside the photo-editing program, we might perform a quantity of things to ensure that our photographs present the home within the best light [pun intended]. We may straighten, crop, lighten, darken, or brighten the pictures, so the photographs show the home the way you really first viewed it. We’re “fixing” the pictures because we might not have had proper lighting, or we didn’t contain the camera straight, or we didn’t remember to make use of the flash, etc.

From time to time we’ll retouch the photograph to cover an unsightly item that people didn’t remember to maneuver before we required the photograph. We never retouch an image to cover something which is permanently there, like a power line or telephone pole, because that might be dishonest. But when we didn’t remember to get rid of that red rubber ball or that ugly garbage can before we required the photograph, we’ll now attempt to retouch it from the photograph Boxbrownie.

From your experience, retouching is tough to complete since the picture frequently looks worse using the “offensive” item retouched from the photograph, than when that item is at the photograph. So, we frequently forgo retouching, and merely curse ourselves because of not getting observed that offensive item before we required the photograph.

We don’t edit every photograph that people required, just individuals that people might opt for. After we have completely finished editing, than we export the edited photographs to a different folder. At this time, we select the photographs that we’ll placed on our Mls, we website, as well as on the slide show or property website that we’ll setup due to this property. We’re now available our edited photographs to organize an online tour, however i covers that procedure within my next article.

I focus on the marketing of homes for purchase if you take the pictures, preparing the virtual tours, creating individual websites for that homes which i market, and placing these homes on property websites, in addition to YouTube, Facebook, and Craigslist. I additionally market homes via a monthly e-e-newsletter and email blasts which are delivered to over 4000 those who have expressed a desire for purchasing or selling a house within the Mid-Hudson Valley. E- Marketing is my niche.

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