Jay Maisel

Posted by on October 2, 2012

Jay MaiselA friend of mine brought a cardboard box to one of my presentations. I asked him, why the box? He said there will be two groups of people in the audience today. Half will leave before the presentation is over because they will have to go outside and take pictures. The other half will want to leave their cameras in this box.”  ~ Jay Maisel

Maisel is one of the most famous modern photographers.  He takes a simplistic approach to photography that is largely unencumbered by complex lighting set ups and fancy gear.  In fact, he likes to shoot with one lens and simply look for interesting light and shapes in the city.

Perhaps the best way to learn from Jay Maisel is to subscribe to Kelby Training.  They have two video courses which feature Jay Maisel where he walks around the city and shoots with Scott Kelby.  It is truly fantastic to watch a master do his work.

What you can learn from Jay Maisel:  Ditch the gear and start paying attention to color, shape, and light.  As you go about your day, find little things that have an artistic flair to them.  Photography isn’t just about the knock-you-in-the-face obvious shots.

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