Latex, Powdered Medical Gloves – Will the FDA Ban?

Posted by Lisa A Mason

Here is the second petition by Open public Citizen to ban cornstarch powdered gloves. Over a ten years ago, the FDA turned down their petition, citing a ban would not address experience of natural latex allergens coming from PVC Gloves with high degrees of natural latex proteins. The particular FDA also felt that your ban on powdered safety gloves might compromise the availability of top quality medical gloves and might tremendously increase the annual costs simply by $64 million.

In this fresh petition, Public Citizen includes each of the FDA’s prior reasons behind not banning cornstarch powder gloves. “The elimination regarding cornstarch powder from doctor’s gloves, ” states Open Citizen, “would eliminate the incident of foreign-body disease as a result of cornstarch powder in individuals undergoing surgery and other unpleasant medical procedures. ” They also suggest that a ban would eliminate many allergic reactions, such as allergic allergies and anaphylaxis, “which originate from exposure to aerosolized cornstarch powder snow bound to latex proteins. inches

Over the past decade, many clinic facilities have recognized the hazards associated with powdered gloves, and possess transitioned to powder-free acrylic and powder-free non-latex devices. As the demand for powder-free mitts has grown, so has the source. Public Citizen also observed that the cost savings associated with reduced workers’ compensation claims connected with latex allergies greatly exceeds the increase in annual expense for powder-free synthetic hand protection.

The Malaysian Rubber Upload Promotion Council expressed their particular concern regarding the petition, proclaiming that the current use of low-protein latex gloves is according to current recommendations of NIOSH and OSHA. The Council’s position is that latex hypersensitive individuals should choose latex-free options, but everyone else can easily safely use low-allergen, powder-free latex gloves. They advise that banning latex safety gloves could “eliminate the health-related gloves with the best track record regarding barrier protection and ecological safety. ” Additionally , they will feel that powdered latex devices should not be banned because the powder gloves today have a reduced amount powder and lower allergy or intolerance risk. “It is hopeless that the lightly powdered selection of latex gloves would prompt serious foreign body side effects and latex allergy sensitization… further studies should be performed. “

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